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Liven up your chores

On-ear controls allow you to manage streaming music and take calls while you move about without having to touch, or even look at, your phone or tablet. Find music to motivate you while organizing your garage, and cook with both hands while you follow recipe instructions from your favorite online chef.

Charge on the go

The charge case can give you up to 13 hours of additional listen time and has an LED display that tells you the charge status of your earbuds and charge case. Shop for a charge case and consider grabbing an extra one if you’re always on the go.

Help make outdoor workouts safer

When running in the evenings, make sure you’re visible by staying under street lights and keep a safe distance from vehicles. We suggest wearing your armband on your arm closest to the street, as the reflective material of both headphones and armband will catch the light and make you more visible to drivers.