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Same Companies, New Roles

My have there been lots of victories and defeats in the last couple weeks.  No I’m not talking about the Winter Olympics or American Idol, I’m talking about the tech industry.  Three of the largest companies surrounding tech have had major changes recently, some of which went unnoticed in the shadow of other news.  Google, … Continue reading Same Companies, New Roles »

2014 Threat Predictions

Every year McAfee releases a threat prediction report.  As a former IT Admin, these always peak my interest.  Security is one of the most important and talked about trends right now, and for good reason.  Security breaches at major retailers happen every month, most recently large ones at Target and Michaels stores.  Physical stores haven’t … Continue reading 2014 Threat Predictions »

Could Chromecast Become the Next “Must Have” Meeting Tool?

It seems like Google has their hand in a little bit of everything these days.  Whatever they try, whether it is designing massive search engines or building self-driving cars, they excel at it.  As someone who has used their tablets, laptops, software, and phones, I can honestly say that they build good products.  The only … Continue reading Could Chromecast Become the Next “Must Have” Meeting Tool? »