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How to digitally sign documents (without having to print, scan or fax)

With a simple connection to ‘the Cloud’, we can find a place to work from our smartphones , hold a virtual meeting with our webcams, manage our teams from afar … But when it comes to signing contracts, the Cloud suddenly bursts – we’re asked to print off pages, sign dotted lines, and fax things back, like it’s 1989… If you recognize that scenario, forget the fax, follow these steps and return to sender – signed, sealed, delivered – and all from your laptop or mobile device. 1.

How Coworking Spaces Deliver on the Work-Life Balance Equation

For an increasing number of mobile professionals, teleworkers, SMBs and start-ups, coworking spaces are a more attractive option than the coffee shop or a full office space lease. Coworking spaces marry the infrastructure of an office with the flexible options that teleworkers crave and are often also hotbeds of networking and innovation

Laptops vs Tablets: What’s the best mobile work device?

If you’re looking to buy a new mobile computer, choosing between a laptop and a tablet is an increasingly difficult decision. Mobility, apps and design are all big considerations when parting with your hard-earned cash. Or maybe it’s your company’s cash, and it has a BYOD policy , in which case security is also an issue

4 Reasons Big Companies are Embracing Coworking

Coworking isn’t just for hip freelancers anymore. Large companies are increasingly allowing their employees to use the spaces for these four reasons. Up to now, coworking, where mobile workers pay a membership fee to access a cool workspace full of cool people, has had an aura of funky freelancers and trendy young people.