I hate conference calls

Another day filled with endless conference calls.  I really enjoy talking to people and collaborating, but my current experiences with conference calls are driving me up the wall. Dialling into a room where people can’t be bothered to move close to the microphones.  Hearing a supplier try to present from a train.  Somebody putting the call on hold, meaning the conference call got stopped because we all had to listen to hold music.

And really? I know wireless headsets are great, but please take it off before you go to the bathroom.

Surely it just takes a bit of respect for your colleagues on the call – a large amount of whom will be remote – to change your behaviour.  There’s a lot of people on these calls and you’re wasting all their time. Learn the new etiquette needed to navigate the new way of working

About Richard Kenny

Richard is Head of Global Contact Centre Marketing and is responsible for defining the strategy, and planning and directing worldwide sales, marketing, and business development activity for contact centre customers.