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Millennials are found in every Persona!

In my last blog post, I discussed the latest Plantronics research on personae, or personality type, and how these personae play a very important role when an enterprise looks to design and build a unified communications system or upgrade the one they have. One key point that came out in this research is that Millennials are found in every single one of the eight personae discovered. The … Continue reading Millennials are found in every Persona! »

Designing the Experiential Workplace

Is it possible to create a workplace environment that supports the two very different work modes of team collaboration and individual focus work? If you approach workplace design from an experiential standpoint—going beyond the constraints of the physical space—I would argue that it’s possible and that it’s essential to the wellness of your workforce. The latest trend in enterprise interior space design is the open floor plan. … Continue reading Designing the Experiential Workplace »

Your Company’s Product Roadmap: Here’s Your Secret Weapon

persona per·so·na (pər-sō’nə)  n. pl. per·so·nae (-nē) The role that one assumes or displays; one’s public image or personality. When you’re looking into the future of your company’s product roadmap, you’ll want to take note of our recently refreshed personae research. In 2013, we here at Plantronics conducted a study of 2000 knowledge workers in the U.S. France and Germany. The purpose of this was to stay ahead of trends … Continue reading Your Company’s Product Roadmap: Here’s Your Secret Weapon »