Excuse me Plantronics, may we borrow a cup of sugar?

No matter where you live, it’s always nice to get to know your neighbors.  Communities are built by the people who live there, and become unique in the way people care for each other.   Sometimes, you run out of something, need a helping hand, or hope for an answer to a difficult question.  This is where helpful neighbors come in handy.   No recognition needed, just a warm “thank you” will do.

At Plantronics, our culture has been described as incredibly giving.  We help each other and the communities in which we live, and it comes naturally.

Globally, our associates align themselves with local organizations providing needed resources — from helping hands to sorting food, providing business coaching, gathering coats for those who are cold, building homes for those who need shelter and using our audio expertise to assist organizations with challenging communication issues.  Plantronics philanthropy reaches in many directions, through the community of our associates.    Learn more about Plantronics Global Citizenship

Our world sometimes finds itself in times of crisis, disaster, fear and hopelessness.  Join us in supporting the Red Cross to supply resources for the Nepal Earthquake   We may not always have the solution or resources to remedy a situation, but sometimes, just a cup of sugar and a helping hand from your neighbor is enough to help you feel cared for.


Second Harvest Food BankHabitat for Humanity

About Kelli Greene

Providing global leadership, direction, and execution of Plantronics philanthropic strategy and programs by collaborating cross-functionally on the development of innovative strategies and systems that align global philanthropic giving. Through community outreach, continue Plantronics legacy of providing a wide range of giving to sustain, support and empower local community organizations to support the members of our community.