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Plantronics New Partnership with ESL

Plantronics recently partnered with ESL to introduce the RIG 500 Series – PC gaming headsets engineered specifically for the intensity of e-sports. Endorsed by ESL, the world’s largest e-sports company and leading the industry across various games with numerous online and offline competitions. ESL covers a broad field of services in gaming technology, event management, advertising and TV production, fully catering to the needs of … Continue reading Plantronics New Partnership with ESL »

PAX Prime Recap

This past weekend, gamers from all over the country traveled to Seattle, Washington to attend one of the largest gaming events, PAX Prime.  Plantronics sent over our ambassador, Jessica Goch, to check out all of the excitement and use our new RIG 500 E’s! Day one started off busy as always! Downtown Seattle was packed, and hundreds of people were waiting outside of the convention … Continue reading PAX Prime Recap »

Plantronics Gaming: Stay in the Game

An Intro to Plantronics Gaming: What’s sound to gamers? Sound engages, informs, and immerses—it pulls gamers deeper and deeper into gameplay. Sound drives adrenaline and emotion. It makes the game feel real. What gamers hear can make or break that experience. That means game audio and the gamer’s headset have a big responsibility. A headset can be a physical weapon in a virtual world—or a … Continue reading Plantronics Gaming: Stay in the Game »