Author: Tamara Lane

About Tamara Lane

Tamara is responsible for developing key resources and tools to assist IT organizations in UC audio device deployments.

Planning for UC Audio Device Adoption

You’ve chosen a UC vendor and which audio devices you would like your company to use, but it still isn’t time to deploy. At this stage, planning is key. In order to ensure maximum adoption, you must plan ahead. Consider individual as well as corporate organizational goals. Create a concrete communications strategy to minimize risk as well as ensure a higher adoption rate. Here are a few common … Continue reading Planning for UC Audio Device Adoption »

How to Choose Your UC Audio Devices

Your company is thinking of transitioning into a UC environment and in order to do that, you must introduce UC audio devices. This transition isn’t just a simple one-step process. Before any sort of plan is implemented, it’s incredibly important to trial different products and gain a clear understanding of your end users’ work styles. Key questions to keep in mind are: What are the … Continue reading How to Choose Your UC Audio Devices »

What Does UC Mean to You?

In a 2012 survey conducted by InformationWeek, results showed that the buying community is confused about the real meaning of unified communications (UC). Since business communication is immensely evolving with the rise of new technology, it is essential for IT to learn what UC is and what it entails. This article describes the findings of the study and recommendations for IT. Check it out and let us … Continue reading What Does UC Mean to You? »

Top 3 in Microsoft’s TechEd UC & Messaging Category

Over 280 products and services were submitted, only 46 made it to the finals, and the Plantronics UC Toolkit was one of the top three in the Messaging & UC category. What an honor to be a finalist in the prestigious ‘Best of Microsoft TechEd’ 2012 awards. The UC Toolkit, created specifically for IT, offers free tools, resources, and end user training tools – all … Continue reading Top 3 in Microsoft’s TechEd UC & Messaging Category »

Microsoft TechEd 2012 Finalist

We were recently informed that the Smarter Working UC Toolkit is a ‘Messaging and Unified Communications’ finalist at Microsoft TechEd 2012. This is a great honor and recognition of the hard work and investment Plantronics has made in a portfolio of best practices and tools for IT professionals. The Smarter Working UC Toolkit has over 700 IT assets from guidelines, FAQs, checklists, surveys, wireless resources, specific … Continue reading Microsoft TechEd 2012 Finalist »

PDC, What Does It Mean To IT?

On May 9th, 2012 Plantronics announced the Plantronics Developer Community. The PDC is a community for developers who want to build contextually aware applications by leveraging the intelligence made available through a headset. Developers can do this via the Plantronics SDK, taking advantage of headset attributes such as, presence, availability, proximity and caller information. For example, a contextually aware application could know if a user was … Continue reading PDC, What Does It Mean To IT? »