Author: Jordan Davis

Same Companies, New Roles

My have there been lots of victories and defeats in the last couple weeks.  No I’m not talking about the Winter Olympics or American Idol, I’m talking about the tech industry.  Three of the largest companies surrounding tech have had major changes recently, some of which went unnoticed in the shadow of other news.  Google, Microsoft, and Sony have all had their own announcements, bringing … Continue reading Same Companies, New Roles »

Behaviors of Inspiring Leaders

I haven’t been managing departments for very long, but it didn’t take but a short time to discover that anyone can lead people, but only few can inspire them.  It takes a lot more than business classes or a nice suit to be an inspiring or motivational person.  Although some of it is a naturally occurring ability inside us, certain behaviors do help us inspire … Continue reading Behaviors of Inspiring Leaders »

2014 Threat Predictions

Every year McAfee releases a threat prediction report.  As a former IT Admin, these always peak my interest.  Security is one of the most important and talked about trends right now, and for good reason.  Security breaches at major retailers happen every month, most recently large ones at Target and Michaels stores.  Physical stores haven’t been the only target, as online services such as Playstation … Continue reading 2014 Threat Predictions »

Microsoft Changes Name of SkyDrive to OneDrive

After a legal battle with British Sky Broadcasting, better known as BSkyB, Microsoft has announced that they will be changing the name of their cloud storage solution “SkyDrive” to “OneDrive.”  Skydrive launched in 2007, and has grown to be a competitor among other online storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox.  If you use Skydrive you will notice a change soon in the name, … Continue reading Microsoft Changes Name of SkyDrive to OneDrive »

What NOT to do on your Social Media Site

We all post things on the internet these days.  Even those who disregard the popularity of traditional social media sites like Facebook or Myspace may very well still be using another site that could be easily traced back to them.  Think for a moment about your internet use.  Do you use the same “handle” online in multiple places?  If someone knew that handle, could they … Continue reading What NOT to do on your Social Media Site »

Plantronics Concepts

Don’t you hate when companies hide their plans for years?  Well that won’t happen here!  Plantronics Labs has released some new videos that allow us to see what they are working on for future products.  The coolest thing I have seen in a long time, and what I wanted to share with you today, is what they call the “Concept One.”  The concept one is … Continue reading Plantronics Concepts »