Author: Cary Bran

About Cary Bran

Cary Bran serves as Vice President of Innovation and Strategy at Plantronics. In this role, Cary leads the research and development of next generation software and device concepts and products, including efforts to deliver integrations between wearable devices and web browsers via WebRTC. Cary is also responsible for leading PLT Labs, a multi-disciplinary team within Plantronics that is working to identify and develop advanced wearable technologies that can be leveraged by developers to create new wearable tech-based applications.

What Does Innovation Sound Like? Ask the ‘Father of Bluetooth’

This year marks the thirteenth anniversary that Dr. Jaap Haartsen was issued the patent for Bluetooth; a nearly ubiquitous technology synonymous with mobility and a mobile lifestyle. His colleagues borrowed Bluetooth’s name from the 10th century King of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth, who was famous for uniting Scandinavia. But if Dr. Haartsen had his way, we might all be calling it “Piccolo.” Jaap explains that … Continue reading What Does Innovation Sound Like? Ask the ‘Father of Bluetooth’ »