Author: Bob O'Donnell (Guest Contributor)

About Bob O'Donnell (Guest Contributor)

Bob O'Donnell, the president, founder and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research, has a lengthy, multi-faceted career in the technology business. He is widely regarded as an expert in the technology market research field and his original research and advice is used by executives in large technology firms all over the world. O'Donnell has been listed in the Top 10 of AR Insight's list of most influential analysts. In addition, TECHnalysis Research was named a Best New Entrant in the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations Analyst of the Year Awards for 2015.

MARKET ANALYSIS: Analyzing Modern Communications

Introduction The range of new communications tools in today’s office environments is impressive. From the trendy world of persistent chat-based tools such as Slack, through traditional VOIP-based phone systems, to increasingly popular videoconferencing-based software, the solutions being deployed for communicating with both co-workers and outside partners are wide-ranging. Even considering these choices, however, it turns out the good ‘ol telephone is still one of the … Continue reading MARKET ANALYSIS: Analyzing Modern Communications »

Overcoming Modern Office Distractions

Introduction It’s not just you. Working in the office is getting harder today. Not only are demands on productivity increasing, so are the distractions that keep people from functioning at their best. Whether that be the online temptations of social media, the cacophony of people talking all around you, the quantity and variety of different communications tools, or the “improved” open floorplan spaces that many … Continue reading Overcoming Modern Office Distractions »