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The 10 Things I Love about Lync

I’ve primarily worked from home since 2007, well before Plantronics rolled-out a unified communications platform. There is no question in my mind – the before and after are dramatic. There’s no going back once you’ve gotten “Lync-ed.” 1. It is a better than my other phones. – I must live in the black hole of cellular technology right in the middle of San Francisco. But … Continue reading The 10 Things I Love about Lync »

Infographic: A-Z of Reasons to Collaborate

Ever wondered what an A-Z of reasons to collaborate would look like in fridge magnets? Wonder no more! Our friends at Plantronics have done just that – and put together this infographic with 26 reasons why working together is A Good Thing. In fact, our contact at Plantronics explained to me how the list grew, thanks to a collaboration that spanned the globe – from the UK to New Zealand, France, Belgium and Germany! What are your collaboration stories

Why Collaborate – the complete version

 As an update to our previous post here we had some great answers from the following people Philippe Creytens Sebastien Thielke Olivier Berard   So here’s the final result.  The full A-Z of reasons why we should be collaborating.  Feel free to share this inforgraphic.      

Healthy habits for the workplace

  The demands of modern office working environments and practices can lead to increases in health problems at work, in particular back pain and musculoskeletal problems (including neck and shoulder pain) – which are commonly identified as being among the top three causes of long term sickness absence of European workers – and costing approximately 2.5% of GDP (£13billion in the UK) each year in … Continue reading Healthy habits for the workplace »