Monthly Archives: December 2011

Changing Office Environments do Affect Wireless Voice

Change is constant in the enterprise environment and today’s workplace is seeing rapid changes now more than ever.  One area that is often overlooked is how does change affect wireless voice performance? As change comes in many shapes and sizes, such as an increase in the number of headset users, the size of buildings where headsets are located, or the design and layout of a … Continue reading Changing Office Environments do Affect Wireless Voice »

What tools for collaboration?

Working with Michael Sampson made me realise that collaboration isn’t something I set out to directly do – it wasn’t a new years objective, or a corporate goal I had to meet. It’s more a way of working that I’ve adopted because I know I don’t have all the information I need, but I know people who do – both inside and outside of Plantronics.   Out of … Continue reading What tools for collaboration? »

Welcome Michael Sampson

  I’m please to announce a new contributor for the smarter office blog – Michael Sampson.  Michael is an expert on making collaboration work for organisations, so he’ll be writing articles for us on the principles of collaboration – why people are collaborating, the methods and tools. You can find out more about Michael here, and you can follow him through @collabguy

How to Select the Right Audio Device for a Unified Communication Deployment

We had a recent blog post from Thomas Pind, CEO of Futurecom Business Solutions, where he outlined 7 common reasons that UC adoption fails. I would like to add an 8th reason – relating only to the audio device: One type of audio device does not fit all! The majority of UC revolves around the PC, which has serious audio limitations; using the in-built speaker … Continue reading How to Select the Right Audio Device for a Unified Communication Deployment »

We win!

We Win! I’m really proud to have been part of the team that won the best supplier award from the CCMA in Ireland recently.  As well as the many customers that are using Plantronics headsets within Ireland, we had a really great day showing the members of the CCMA around our own contact centre in Amsterdam It’s the second time we’ve won this, and a … Continue reading We win! »