Monthly Archives: November 2011

Do you remember that important meeting two weeks ago?

Its funny but so true – we forget what was said but we remember the feeling of the meeting. Someone mentioned that to me today and it resonated. Rather than focus so carefully on the words and the agenda – should we start by identifying the “feeling” of the meeting we are attempting to achieve? …Just a thought…how would that change our approach to meetings?

Heads, hats and heart

Welcome to SMB Soundbites!   I hope that you will visit often to hear more about trends, tips about making the most out of new tools and technology, and stories from SMB customers about their business challenges and triumphs. I love my job!  I’ve always had a passion for small and medium businesses, often referred to as SMBs, meaning those companies with less than 1000 employees. … Continue reading Heads, hats and heart »

CIO Summit

I just returned from a CDM Media CIO Summit event in Miami. Great buzz about Unified Communications including a rich discussion about UC and Lync by Jeffrey Hopper, VP and CIO at BT during his keynote. Jeffrey identifed UC as a key technology and recommended getting started on a pilot! Andrew Taylor and I were there to complete the UC story and the importance of audio … Continue reading CIO Summit »

The power of positive language

This post is inspired by two presentations I’ve seen recently.  One from Julie at Carnival Cruises, the other from Dave at Sunderland City Council.   They featured very differing content, but both of them really showcased an area I hadn’t paid much attention to before – the negativity of the language used within contact centre measurements.  We talk about Attrition Absence Missed calls Abandoned calls  Why … Continue reading The power of positive language »

Being an Introvert

Do you know if you are an introvert or an extrovert? For a long time I thought I was extroverted but wondered why I felt soooo tired after being around people for long periods of time. I know now that I am introverted. I get my energy by being alone.  Only a few individuals give me energy. They happen to be my best friends. The … Continue reading Being an Introvert »