Monthly Archives: October 2011

Introduction to my blog

Welcome to “From the CIO’s Office.” I’m Tom Gill, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Plantronics where I lead our Global IT team. I plan to engage on a variety of topics relevant to IT and business decision makers including, smarter working, the future of work, Unified Communications and Consumerization of IT. How are you enabling tablets in your enterprise? We just announced general … Continue reading Introduction to my blog »

I hate conference calls

Another day filled with endless conference calls.  I really enjoy talking to people and collaborating, but my current experiences with conference calls are driving me up the wall. Dialling into a room where people can’t be bothered to move close to the microphones.  Hearing a supplier try to present from a train.  Somebody putting the call on hold, meaning the conference call got stopped because we all had to listen … Continue reading I hate conference calls »

Seek To Understand

Ever have a discussion with someone and what comes out of their mouth just seems so odd?  When you get two people in the room debating a topic, you are bound to get two opinons. But what happens when the other person says something that might be offensive to you?  Well, before you let your emotions take over, take a deep breath and ‘seek to understand’.  … Continue reading Seek To Understand »

Believing in it?

As much as I am loath to propose another new measure for contact centers, I wonder whether there is a measure that can provide a high level barometer for a companies approach to customer service. Rather than use measures that tell us about past performance, can we find something that would give an indication on future performance?  Here’s some ideas… Number of calls the CEO … Continue reading Believing in it? »

Got Trust?

I know many people talk about trust, what does trust mean, how important it is to “earn” trust, and  that we want to be a “trusted” partner to our customers etc, etc, etc… But what does it really mean? Yesterday, someone whom I have worked with off and on for a long time came into my office and thanked me for my “trust” in her. That trust gave her courage… … Continue reading Got Trust? »