Monthly Archives: March 2011

Voice Security in the contact centre

Most of us are aware of the impact of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. They have recently issued a clarification document covering voice recording here. One area that hasn’t been covered well, if at all yet, is the inadvertent overhearing of data by other customers. I may be sensitive to this, when I call into a contact centre I’m naturally interested in how they … Continue reading Voice Security in the contact centre »

The Plantronics Contact Centre

Do we practice what we preach in our own contact centre? Here’s a video of our own centre in Amsterdam showing our approach to flexible working, use of space and technology. Our approach has been validated by the CCA through certification to their Global Standard, and through an award for our overall approach to operational excellence.

The end of contact centres?

This article has been getting a lot of comments across social networks recently. Whilst I agree with the overall sentiment about contact centres dissapearing as collaboration goes enterprise wide (I’ve predicted this myself in the past), a big change in the way that organisations approach customer service is needed before we get there. Technology is not a barrier. Collaboration tools already exist to share information … Continue reading The end of contact centres? »