Monthly Archives: January 2011

Perceived Value and Investment in Staff

Working in the contact centre industry I tend to be fair and considerate when speaking to agents, whether this is questioning a charge from my bank, or chasing my central heating engineer who is 2 hours late! However, because I am fortunate to know and work with some of the ‘best’ contact centres in the country I also expect a certain level of customer service. … Continue reading Perceived Value and Investment in Staff »

Looking after older workers

Every year I read the depressing letter that is my pension statement, and my dreams of retiring at forty slip further and further away.  I’m probably not the only one who is contemplating a longer working life than their parents.  This coupled with rising youth unemployment means the demographics of companies workforces are changing more towards older age brackets.  Is this a good for a … Continue reading Looking after older workers »

Measures that matter – and how headsets can improve them

I’ve spent some of today with our sales teams going through all the different measures & KPIs that a contact centre typically uses. Broadly I split the measurements into the seven different categories shown below (and I’ve added some examples in each category) Cost – cost per contact for example Quality – Customer satisfaction through NPS Productivity – calls per day Agent – agent turnover … Continue reading Measures that matter – and how headsets can improve them »