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Up-selling is a sales technique where the seller tries to achieve a bigger profit of turnover by selling the buyer a more expensive or more extensive product or package than he had originally planned.

A job with perspective

Being able to conciliate an unsatisfied customer within five minutes, only needing half a word to know what the customer really wants to ask and imperceptibly asking three control questions to check the caller’s identity. Who wouldn’t want to have such an employee?


Drawing up a marketing plan is mere child’s play for a marketer. In order to pursue a good marketing policy a plan is essential. This is also true for telemarketing companies. To have a successful telemarketing campaign you also need a well-thought out plan.

Unamic/HCN and Sanoma

Companies that partially or totally outsource their client contact, need to choose where to draw the line: which processes will stay in-company and which responsibilities will go to the service provider