Monthly Archives: February 2010

Who’s leading? Who’s lagging behind?

Find out which contact centres around the world are forging ahead, which aren’t doing so well and which are standing still, backed up by comprehensive stats and metrics. To find out more and order your copy of Dimension Data’s Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, go to

Don’t dread complainers – welcome them!

We all get complaints from time to time, even the best businesses. The trick is, how to turn them into satisfying and memorable encounters … complainers into advocates. David Hart, of Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University, explains how. READ MORE:

It’s official – Avaya prefers Plantronics

Business communications giant Avaya has named Plantronics as its preferred provider of headsets for unified comms and contact centres. We’ve been working with Avaya for 40 years to help customers improve business collaboration and reduce their operating costs. Avaya continue to be sold on our unparallelled audio quality, reliability and ease of use. READ MORE>>