Yearly Archives: 2010

The power of voice

We almost should forget to speak – with a constant increasing set of online tools for text based communication. Tony Crawford indicates that – due to improved technology on voice infrastructure – business people are doing business on the phone more than ever.

Careful with social networking

The past fifteen years we have been busy with CRM – with limited success. Most important driver behind CRM was to record and make available all information about the customer. Now a prominent role for social media is emerging, says Ed Peelen. Customer expectations therefore have to be managed more carefully.

The Apple Contact Centre App

You’ve probably seen this article by now, it’s been all over Twitter   Whilst I applaud Apple’s efforts to improve customer service, there are a number of things that concern me about this. 1) It perpetuates the myth that all contact centres offer such a poor service that a long hold time is a regular occurence.  The graphics in the patent indicate a 15 minute hold time … Continue reading The Apple Contact Centre App »