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Contact centres multicultural?

Text: Wim van der Ven From a marketing perspective multiculturalism seems a segmenting principle; pigeon-hole people and use a segmentation principle like origin, disposition, faith, interests, clothing and treat them as may be expected from the core values belonging to them. And with core values I mean a pattern of human activities in that specific situation. When a mismatch occurs, we rapidly call that discrimination. … Continue reading Contact centres multicultural? »

The 4 golden rules of the contact center

Text: Aruna Carver Every contact centre faces the same challenge: improving client’s experience. The size and sector of the contact centre does not matter. A contact centre is a strategic place for other reasons as well. It fulfils two essential functions: increasing customer relations and improving the company’s image. But how do you make sure that a contact centre fulfils these functions in a good … Continue reading The 4 golden rules of the contact center »