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Video chat in business: a toss-up

Text: Floris van der Veen, ceo LiveCom, “When I’m surfing the internet after work hours, I always check who’s also online. I stay in touch with my friends in Barcelona via Skype, Facebook and Live Messenger. Sometimes we throw in some images. That is more personal. I also chat with my sister on a regular basis. She lives in Australia and gave birth to a … Continue reading Video chat in business: a toss-up »

Unified Communications

Success Unified Communications is highly dependent on process and knowledge understanding of contact centres Text: Gordon Loader, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing EMEA at Avaya Unified Communications seemed to be a hype for a long time. More and more companies start to realize that orchestrating communication and cooperation at different locations, times and channels can bring in big advantages. This is certainly the case for contact … Continue reading Unified Communications »


The value of Knowledge and Information management in the Contact Centre Text: Ingmar Dobbelaar − Change Manager at The Customer Contact Doctor Knowledge management and information management make an important contribution to the improvement of the hard Key performance indicators (kpi’s) of the contact centre, like an average decrease of the conversation duration and the increase of client interactions that are dealt with in one … Continue reading Knowledge »

Acoustic shock and hearing damage with call centre agents

Text: Erik Bouwer For a short period of time in 2001 there was some commotion in the call centre world. The media made mention of the fact that the British unions were preparing for dozens of claims of call centre employees. The claims were related to ‘acoustic shock’, contracted by working with headsets. The London lawyer’s office Simpsom Millar acts since the start of the … Continue reading Acoustic shock and hearing damage with call centre agents »