Monthly Archives: February 2009

New customer contact concepts, terms and topics

Of course all contact center professionals know the Call Center Management Dictionary, written by ICMI president Brad Cleveland. But in this new era of web 2.0, voice/data integration and multichannel customer contact it sometimes seems that technological developments are going faster than experts explain what they are talking about. What are the new buzz words? By Erik Bouwer Two important developments are creating a whole … Continue reading New customer contact concepts, terms and topics »

Offshoring in your neighbourhood

Although a delicate matter, opportunities to offshore or outsource customer contact have increased. In Europe, the volume of outsourced calls is around 12 percent. Fastest growing model is homeshoring. By Erik Bouwer Increasing economic pressure encourages companies to look for innovation: inventing new ways of developing, organizing and producing. In customer contact, price has always been a dominant factor in deal making. Outsourcing customer contact … Continue reading Offshoring in your neighbourhood »