Yearly Archives: 2009

Open source software: what is it?

Ruben van Wendel de Joode Open source is gaining popularity. Open source is appearing increasingly in the news and also big organisations tend to make the switch-over to an open source software packet more often. This kind of popularity is linked partly to the laws and rules that try to stimulate the use of open source software. The Netherlands has the action plan ‘Nederland Open … Continue reading Open source software: what is it? »

The IT infrastructure of a call centre

Monique Bulthuis and Stefan Schaap What are the most important points of interest regarding the IT-infrastructure when equipping a call centre? A lot of companies immediately start with setting up the hardware and software components. A more logical approach is initiating the equipping of a call centre from a business point of view. By doing so, one does not pass over some crucial questions and … Continue reading The IT infrastructure of a call centre »

Bridging between search and selection and coaching

Working at a contact centre requires specific competences and skills, combined with the right motivation. That justifies a thorough recruitment process. The results of this process cannot only make sure that the right people appear at the start, they can also form the basis of good coaching and guidance. Text: Debby van Rhoon Which skills do you need to be a good contact centre agent? … Continue reading Bridging between search and selection and coaching »

Agent selection

Text: Alfons Daanje Working at a contact centre: the past few years this was not a good opener at parties, birthdays or at the café when someone asked about the job of another person. Everyone seems to have a negative experience with contact centres that call during dinner time with a fantastic offer of green energy or a loan with an interest rate that you … Continue reading Agent selection »

Agent profiles and client profiles

Text: Christian Pijnenborgh The question which many contact centre managers frequently ask themselves is in which way an efficient contact centre operation can be organized by making use of the knowledge and experience of the employees in a right way, in order to handle client contacts as effective as possible. The benefits of working with skill-groups are formed by a higher efficiency of the contact … Continue reading Agent profiles and client profiles »

Contact centres multicultural?

Text: Wim van der Ven From a marketing perspective multiculturalism seems a segmenting principle; pigeon-hole people and use a segmentation principle like origin, disposition, faith, interests, clothing and treat them as may be expected from the core values belonging to them. And with core values I mean a pattern of human activities in that specific situation. When a mismatch occurs, we rapidly call that discrimination. … Continue reading Contact centres multicultural? »