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The contact centre in 2015

Text: Karin Van De Velde, Business Consultant at Newtel Essence Young persons of this day and age, also called screenagers, are today’s customers, tomorrow’s colleagues and the managers of the day after tomorrow. Compared with older people, the so-called ‘babyboomers’, they live in a culture that contains more sounds and images than texts. They have the ability to multitask and communicate 24 hours a day, … Continue reading The contact centre in 2015 »

Coaching on the work floor of the call centre

Coaching serves several goals: monitoring the quality, guiding and motivating agents and maintaining contact with the market. This task is often overlooked because of hectics. A structured approach is the solution; a matter of time, attention, planning and organization. Text: Erik Bouwer Inside the call centre, quality and quantity are often at odds with each other. Contact centres need to be reachable and realize good … Continue reading Coaching on the work floor of the call centre »

Conversation monitoring and coaching

Instruments for a consistent client experience It is commonly recognized that client loyalty is only created when the experience is in line with the expectation. The service experience is the one durable distinguishing factor with regard to loyalty, and sale by service is the only wise strategy for effective sales. A consistent client experience is a must. The vision that many companies have, is increasing … Continue reading Conversation monitoring and coaching »

Bridging between search and selection and coaching

Working at a contact centre requires specific competences and skills, combined with the right motivation. That justifies a thorough recruitment process. The results of this process cannot only make sure that the right people appear at the start, they can also form the basis of good coaching and guidance. Text: Debby van Rhoon Which skills do you need to be a good contact centre agent? … Continue reading Bridging between search and selection and coaching »


Outsourcing customer contact: you win some, you lose some Outsourcing customer contact: when organised in the right way, your customers won’t feel the difference. Or will they? What is at stake when you ask someone else to take care of all your customers? Por Erik Bouwer Sourcing is more often than not becoming a part of the strategy formulation process of companies. Sourcing deals with the … Continue reading Outsourcing »

Voice problems

Every contact centre professional knows the buzzing of voices at the workplace. Dozens of voices talk at the same time – now just imagine those voices breaking down. Straining of the voice is a risk and can lead to personnel falling away. By Erik Bouwer Stress and stress factors Everyone experiences work stress from time to time. Stress is the result of stress factors and … Continue reading Voice problems »