Better Meetings: Make sure technology is fail safe for your virtual small business meetings

Airport lounge, local coffee shop, on the beach or right in your own backyard are just some of the places you can conduct a small business meeting with one or many today using mobile devices and apps and cloud-based collaboration services. But the ease with which you can hold a virtual meeting doesn’t necessarily insure …Continue reading »

Better Meetings: How to deal with personalities that challenge small business meeting success

No doubt you’ve run into the following person at some small business meeting you’ve attended. It’s the person who tries to dominate the meeting. They tend to go on at length with their opinions and may even cut off others when they are expressing their views. This type of meeting participant is called a “dominator” …Continue reading »

Better Meetings: Make your small business meetings count

When you are sitting in a small business meeting, do you ever wonder how many other people are doing just the same thing? Quite a few as it turns out. In the U.S. alone, there are 25 million formal meetings held each day. With today’s technology, the good news is that not all of those …Continue reading »

How mobility helps your small business grow Part 3: Mobilizing your workforce

With today’s mobile devices and the Internet, you no longer need to go to the office to get work done. People are working from home, on the road, in coffee shops and even on the beach, and the trend is not about to reverse. A survey conducted two years ago by the Society for Human …Continue reading »

How mobility helps your small business grow Part 2: Mobile customer service

When it comes to acquiring new customers, increasingly mobile marketing matters, as I point out in Part I of this series on mobility. Equally important when it comes to growing your business is taking your customer service mobile. According to eMarketer, by 2018, over one-third of consumers worldwide or 2.56 billion people will be using …Continue reading »