Moving your small business to the cloud? Avoid common mistakes

Is your small business in the cloud or is it heading in that direction?  Many small businesses are moving some or all of their operations to the cloud in order to enable remote and mobile workers to access company information and services from anywhere and to save on IT and infrastructure costs. By 2020, 78 …Continue reading »

Wireless headsets let your small business team move freely in the office and stay on calls

  What do a therapeutic outpatient clinic, a regional carrier and an IT consulting service have in common? While they may have entirely different business propositions; they all share the need at times for their small business teams to move around freely in the office – to get information or find a private space – …Continue reading »

Unified Communications keeps small business mobile workers connected and collaborating on the go

When it comes to today’s workforce, the name of the game is flexibility. By 2020, mobile workers will account for nearly three-quarters (72.3 percent) of the U.S. workforce. That’s the forecast from IDC. Specifically, the analyst firm estimated last June that the number of mobile workers will rise from 96.2 million to 105.4 million over …Continue reading »

Building better meetings with Plantronics and Skype for Business

From four walls to no walls, people can now participate in meetings from anywhere. As virtual meetings grow, so does the importance of collaboration technology. While we can’t promise to prevent almost 20% of people from taking meetings in restrooms, we can ensure those who don’t portray and experience the levels of efficiency and professionalism …Continue reading »