Keep collaboration alive and well at your small business


There are a number of ways that Steve Jobs taught us to ‘think different.” Not only did his innovative spirit transform the computer industry to provide a host of groundbreaking technology products for work and play, he also left behind a number of valuable leadership lessons for business. In “The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve …Continue reading »

Good Communication is the heart of small business success

“What we have here is failure to communicate” from the 1967 classic Cool Hand Luke is one of the most memorable film quotes of all times. In fact, the American Film Institute ranks it #11 on its top 100 movie quotes. As a business person you know that failure to communicate is not an option. …Continue reading »

Is your small business team sounding the alarm about noise?


While you may not read a lot about noise pollution as an environmental concern; there’s little question that the world has become a lot noisier. As if loud neighbors, construction sites and barking dogs weren’t annoying enough, we now have a growing list of technology culprits adding to the din.  Car alarms and boom cars …Continue reading »

Make training a priority at your small business

Training your employees shouldn’t stop after the first few months of teaching them the ropes of your small business and their specific job responsibilities. Training should be ongoing to fulfill the changing requirements of your company as well the needs of employees to keep learning. In “Why It’s Crucial to Train Your Employees,” Ben Horowitz, …Continue reading »

How video conferencing can boost your small business productivity and cut costs

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Some meetings with customers or remote workers can be handled over the phone. But there are times when you need to see each other. That’s because a good deal of communication is non-verbal – up to 93 percent. When you are on a call, you may be missing a lot of important cues by not …Continue reading »

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2015


The 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference held in Orlando, Fl, July 12 – 16, 2015, was well orchestrated and relatively well attended, even with all the changes occurring at Microsoft as it begins its new fiscal year. While humid and hot, Orlando was buzzing with lots of content, plenty of parties, and great networking opportunities …Continue reading »