Want to improve small business productivity? Let the music roll.

It seems that music might not only “soothe the savage beast,” it may help boost the productivity of your small business team. Research conducted by Dr. Teresa Lesiuk, associate professor of Music Therapy at the University of Miami, some years ago found that software developers who listened to music came up with better ideas and …Continue reading »

Small business adoption of mobile apps is starting to pick up steam

Does your small business have or plan to build a mobile app?  While mobile app adoption among small businesses has been slow; it’s beginning to pick up, reports B2B research firm Clutch.  In its recent survey “Mobile Apps and Small Business in 2016,” Clutch found that small businesses are beginning to get on board with …Continue reading »

Who’s really listening? Mobile conference call participants may not be giving their undivided attention.

Just how engaged are conference call participants, especially over a mobile device. A study by West Unified Communications Services a few years ago uncovered what some may have suspected all along – not everyone is giving their undivided attention to the call. In fact, the study of over 500 full-time employees to find out about …Continue reading »

Every CSR in a customer service center uses a headset—and that’s the challenge

Each day, without even really thinking about it, every customer service representative (CSR) in your company relies on one essential tool to do their job effectively: a headset. A well-functioning headset enables them to hear and be heard clearly, and present the company they’re representing in a professional, agreeable way. Of course, most CSRs don’t …Continue reading »

Employees and management may not see eye to eye on small business workplace noise

Recently, in “Is small business worker productivity declining? Noise may be the culprit,” I looked at the effect of noise on worker productivity. Underscoring the impact of noise on productivity is a “2013 U.S. Workplace Survey” conducted by design and architecture firm Gensler in which 69% of survey participants indicated that they are dissatisfied with …Continue reading »

Is it time to update your small business phone system?

Are mobile working small business employees missing customer calls? When they are out of the office, mobile workers may be taking calls on their smartphones, using noise-canceling headsets to block out background noise. But if calls are coming into traditional desk phones that can’t switch to a mobile device or another desk; customers and prospects …Continue reading »